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TommyLog – @AVIS Customer Service – Top Notch

10 Mar
March 10, 2015

So last week I took a trip to Orlando to see my daughter perform at a large dance competition at Disney. I had the pleasure of renting a car from Avis this is my GREAT Customer services experience!


TommyLog – Do The Right Thing!

05 Nov
November 5, 2013

This week had a SUPER customer services story to share with you. I was getting my old iPhone 4S repaired. needed some good old TLC so i took it to my buddies at Electronics ETC on Northland. They diagnosed the problem and had the phone fixed in a very timely fashion. But when I came to pick it up, I saw that he screen was on in the same condition it was when i dropped it off. it has a rather large scratch in it. What happened next was just amazing. They offered me a discount on the work that I had completed. That just wasn’t going to do it for me as I was planning on reselling the phone on ebay… so they offered to replace the screen for … NO CHARGE! Not only did they take good care of my original issue, but they did the right thing, in taking care of the scratch.

There is a reason I send all my friends to Electronics ETC! YOU ROCK!

Tale of 2 Customer Service Experiences

12 Jul
July 12, 2013

Had 2 very different customer services experiences the other day. One with Kaukauna Clinic where I have my primary care doctor and one at CVS pharmacy where I was to pick up my prescription and a few over the counter meds. Give this a listen to hear about all-star treatment and not so all-star treatment 🙁

TommyLog – BEST AT&T Customer Service EVER!!

14 Sep
September 14, 2012

So its “iPhone 5 day” for Tommy and I’m happily and joyfully on hold to get my upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 5.0. I sent out a tweet telling the world how jazzed I was to even be in line to talk to someone from AT&T and you will NEVER believe what happens next. Not 15 minutes later I get a tweet from a local AT&T guy in Appleton, WI telling me he is just logging into his computer and could gladly assist me with my upgrade. I really didn’t believe he was from AT&T but I DM’d him my desk phone number just in case. 45 sec later, still on hold, line No. 2 starts flashing “AT&T “HOLY COW!

This is just stunning. One tweet on social media and AT&T has its ears on and offered to help make my experience better. I’m just so thrown back by this. Rob Molskness, the AT&T Global Enterprise Solutions Account Manager gets it and gets it hard. He was at the right place at the right time and now has a customer who is shouting from the rooftops how great AT&T is. Great customer service is not hard and this guy rocked it 100 percent. THANK YOU ROB and thank you AT&T!

TommyLog – Where Everybody Knows Your Name

17 Feb
February 17, 2012

Had a great experience this morning at the gym. I’m a new member of Golds and the morning gal met me at the door and said “Hi Tom”. I was totally blown away. This is only the 3rd time I had been there and she didn’t even scan my key card yet this morning. So she learned my name after only 2 visits. That’s just awesome customer service. You always get further when you greet people by their first name. I love that at Festival Foods. They look at the name on the receipt if you are paying with credit or ATM cards.

Such a great skill calling people by their first names… LOVE IT!

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