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TommyLog – Reminiscing as a Dance Dad

16 Mar
March 16, 2015

So for today’s TommyLog, I want to take a few moments to talk about the dance dad routine for the season ending Little chute high school dance show off. Boy I sure am sore, but what a great way to tribute our daughters. I’m so proud of Clara and everything she has accomplished! She is truly amazing!

The dance dad performance…


TommyLog – Surprising #TeamClara @ Nationals

05 Mar
March 5, 2015

Hey Kids, last weekend was a once in a lifetime opportunity to sneak off to Orlando for a day to surprise Clara at her Little Chute High School Dance team as they perform at nationals. This video is a compilation of all my little snippets from the trip. WOW what a trip it was.

This is what I posed to facebook before I left. “Today I’m embarking on a surprise trip to see my daughter Clara and the whole little chute dance team perform at Nationals at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. I think that every dad wants to have “that moment” and be “that dad”. While it can’t be forced, I hope this will be an amazing weekend. I love and Support clara so much. To help make this a success, I have blocked clara on all social media channels so she doesn’t see what going on. i am an huge ball of emotional worms right now. I’ll keep you all posted as to the process. STAY TUNED!! ‪#‎teamclara‬ ”

TommyLog – LCHS Dance Team – Orlando Here You Come!

25 Feb
February 25, 2015

Clara and the whole Little Chute High school dance team head to Orlando today to participate in national Dance Championships this weekend. I could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments! last night I also had the chance to be a part of the Prospera Credit union annual meeting and one of the high lights is recognizing an employee for outstanding community service. Bob Dorn was the one to win the award and i could not be happier. What a great guy and thanks for serving others!

TommyLog – Be Happy For The Winner

12 Feb
February 12, 2015

Congratulations Clara and the whole Little Chute High School dance team on your 1st place state championship in kick and 2nd place in pom. Congrats go to the girls at Prescott for their 1st place pom win. Why can’t you just be happy for the good fortunes of others and not be like what happened to Beck at the Gammy Awards?

TommyLog TECH – Dance Dad, DROID Turbo and the 21 MP Camera #VZWbuzz #AD

27 Jan
January 27, 2015

Dance Dad & ClaraHey kids for today’s TommyLog Tech, I would like to talk to you a little about my life as a dance dad. This is my daughter Clara and me and she is on the Little Chute High School dance squad. November thru February I spend my Saturdays sitting in regional high school gyms and arenas on my backside for hours watching Clara’s competitions. This has given me loads of time to play with my new- DRIOD Turbo by Motorola provided by my good friends at Verizon. One area that I just could not wait to get my hands on was the 21MP camera that Motorola tucked inside the Turbo. I have always said the best camera is the one I have available. I know people with big DSLR rigs and by the time it takes to unzip their camera bag, the moment may have passed and the shot missed. Keep that in mind.

One of my favorite features above all that the Turbo possesses is the “wrist flick” feature to activate the LCHS Dance Teamcamera. A simple flick of the wrist and the camera turns on. Flick it again, and it switched from the forward to rear facing camera. That’s one feature not found in any other smart phone I have tested.

The next feature that I really like is the ability to take HDR photos. What is HDR? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. I think I said high definition resolution, where did I get that? Not sure but I had a brain lapse on that one. High dynamic range is a mode where it takes 3 pictures at once. One is under exposed, the other is over exposed and the 3rd is properly exposed picture and then stitches them together. The wider dynamic range of HDR pictures can be pretty stunning. Use your google skills and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The DROID Turbo also has a panorama mode, where you can take some pretty amazing shots. Gone are the Oshkosh Invite panodays where you have to stitch pictures together to get the shot you want. You just click the panorama mode and follow the on-screen cues to take the prefect panorama.

The camera on the Turbo is a 21 megapixel shooter. It’s a bit of a disappointment that the 21MP shots are only taken in 4:3 mode where the 15.5MP shots are taken in 16;9 more…or wide screen mode. I prefer 16:9 pictures over 4.3, but your mileage will very. Turning to video, the DROID Turbo simply rocks. Not only does this camera take 1080P video and slo-motion video at 720P, it also takes video at a whopping 4K. Now be careful, these videos are just HUGE in size, almost a GB per minute of video. YIKES! Another gotcha about 4K video is that you cannot play it back on the Turbo itself. You will need to watch it on a 4K TV or monitor.

The camera on the DRIOD Turbo by Motorola is Tommy approved.  Its ease of use can’t be beat. Not the best camera I have ever used, but certainly takes decent pictures.

For more information on how to get your very own DROID TURBO by Motorola, Here’s a link

[DISCLAIMER — I’m one of the cool kids who has been asked to play with and test technology for Verizon. They asked me to test and share my thoughts. All my words are original and my own.]