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TommyLog – A Beautiful Guy Who Showed Everyone Respect

05 Oct
October 5, 2016

Hey Kids it’s dad and for today’s TommyLog want to tell you about a wonderful message I received yesterday from a high school friend. This message came to me before I woke up and was right there as I checked my morning email. I just hit the moon when I read these words.

A little backstory is needed. Back in the 60’s and 70’s my father owned a liquor store called CLIFFORD’s liquors. My buddy Bob just became head manager at a liquor store not far away from where my dad had his store. Okay here’s the message.

“Hi Tom- quick story I wanted to share… Had the opportunity to become store manager of Century Wine & Liquor, a job I’ve been in less than a month and absolutely love. The best part is the team I am working with and learning from. One gentleman is a real character- Frank Cesolani… In his late 70’s, he is in every morning by 7:15 and we have already fallen into a groove of having coffee in my office first thing while I check morning email and he tells me stories about his early years in the industry when he did deliveries for a distributor before he worked for Sherwood Deutsch at Century. Yesterday he was rattling through how this or that store owner in the day were real jerks (though his language is more colorful) and then suddenly says “but just up the road from here was Tommy Clifford, now there’s a beautiful guy who showed everyone respect” obviously a family trait… Hope all is going well. …”

“…now there’s a beautiful guy who showed everyone respect.” Thank you Dad for this wonderful example. Just think after 40 years he still remembers. What an amazing legacy! Goes to show you that everyone is watching and you never know who you will touch! Thank you Bob for this message!

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A Little Goes A Long Way

02 Aug
August 2, 2015

Hey kids, It’s Dad and for todays TommyLog I want to talk about tooth paste usage. Both Emma and drew are having trouble modulating the mount of toothpaste that they use on a per use basis. A little bit of toothpaste goes a long way.

This led me to think that a little bit goes a long way. A little smile goes a long way, a hello or hi–that goes a long way. So take time to share a little—along the way.

TommyLog – Things Will Be Alright!

21 Oct
October 21, 2014
TommyLog – Things Will Be Alright!
A quick update on how my father is doing after his double bypass surgery.

TommyLog – Just Don’t Panic

16 Oct
October 16, 2014

This morning during our morning prayers I said something bit different than I normally would say. Becky and I are planning on taking a little mini get-a-way to Madison this weekend. Drew does not handle change very well and Mom sometimes gets stressed when we have timelines to get everything done. So in my prayer I said “Don’t panic” thinking that was aimed at those 2, but little did I know it was pointed at me.

A few hours ago I got word that my father needs to have bypass surgery on heart. After a quick prayer of my own and a short chat with Dad on the phone, I am calm, cool and collected. This is the 1st time dad has ever been admitted to a hospital. Not too bad for a guy entering his 76th year. There’s a reason that my sister Nancy, a RN and her family live in Pittsford with my Mom and Dad. THANK YOU so much for your selfless services and being there for them!

Thank you Heavenly Father for the right words to say this morning and thank you for allowing me to take them to heart.

I love you dad, everything is going to be okay. No need to panic!

TommyLog – What Makes You Happy?

31 Jan
January 31, 2014

What makes you happy? What makes you happiest? Are you the type of person that does stuff that makes you sad or what makes you mad. Or do you only do things to make you happy?

Drew loves angry birds– that makes him happy. Emma loves to draw and to do art stuff, which makes her happy. Tommy loves Minecraft and love solving those puzzles and loves learning its tools. Clara loves to dance. Madeline loves to cook. I love solving problems and love doing things for others.

There are so many people who complain in life. So many people were just not happy. Why do you waste your time and do things that don’t make you happy. If you’re not happy in this situation that you’re in, change.

Stop complaining and do something about it.