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Red Shoes Speaks No. 77 Politics and Social Media

16 Mar
March 16, 2012

Do you dive into political conversations on social media? Or do you stay far away? Tommy and Lisa talk about politics in the social media sphere.

Red Shoes Speaks No. 70 – Facebook & Skype together

20 Jul
July 20, 2011

Lisa & Tommy talk about the new integration of Skype chat within Facebook. Lisa’s not so big on the instant messaging capabilities in Facebook and doesn’t think she will use the video chat capabilities. Tommy is also leery of the new capabilities. Each tool has its own to gain from the merger of services. Interesting to see where this will go.

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Red Shoes Speaks No. 68 Social Media Slip-ups

08 Jul
July 8, 2011

Tom and Sara discuss recent stories of PR agencies getting fired after negative tweets went out. A member of the Chrysler team inadvertently posted a highly controversial tweet from the corporate account instead of his private account. The Redner Group intentionally posted a negative tweet on behalf of their client 2K, causing the agency to be let go from the gaming corporation. Lesson learned: quadruple-check your tweets, especially if your job depends on it!

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I’m on the Cover of Fox Cities Magazine!!! #FCM

08 Jun
June 8, 2011

I’m stunned. I have no idea what to say. Today I received the June/July issue of the Fox Cities Magazine… BIG FAN! And what do I see. I’M ON THE COVER!!


I’m like famous! My arm and part of my head actually made the cover. So many extras were cut out entirely, sad for them ☺, but clearly the photographer and staff saw my talent as an extra and included me in the final cover. How awesome is that. Do I need to change careers here? I need help understanding the magnitude of this opportunity. I guess I was just way over the top talented so they could only include my arm… but that’s ok.

Thank you David E Jackson Studios @davidejackson and Alison Fiebig @afiebig for including me in on this 100% over-the-top fun project.


Go see for yourself — http://www.foxcitiesmagazine.com


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TommyLog – Tour de Cure

06 Jun
June 6, 2011

Today’s tommylog is about my cousin Dan and his 100 mile bike ride to help cure diabetes. What a noble cause. His goal is to raise $600 and he is at $500. So if you can please give a little to help the cause.


You can click here to donate –> http://bit.ly/dantour


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