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TommyLog – Tommy At Business World

22 Jun
June 22, 2015

Tommy is participating in an entrepreneurial event called Business World held at St. Norbert’s College in WI. Business World gives high school students the opportunity to test their knowledge of business and economics and further their understanding of our free enterprise system. Students form companies, create and market products, tour local businesses and network with business mentors and fellow students.

Tommy welcomes his friend Michelle to the TommyLog Studios to talk about BW and what influenced them to get their entrepreneurial spirit.

TommyLog – Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

10 Jun
June 10, 2014

A good friend sent me a short article about a life lesson one CEO taught him. One of the points of the article is that a good CEO at work , like the father of a household, needs to make their employees (kids) feel safe.

The money quote from the article…

“What I loved most about working for your dad for all those years was how safe he made us feel. Even when times were tough, you trusted he would see things through. You knew he would do whatever he needed to – and you knew it would work out because he was in charge. It was a good feeling”.

At work, do you make your employees feel safe? At home, do you make your family feel safe? What’s the difference?

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TommyLog – Where Everybody Knows Your Name

17 Feb
February 17, 2012

Had a great experience this morning at the gym. I’m a new member of Golds and the morning gal met me at the door and said “Hi Tom”. I was totally blown away. This is only the 3rd time I had been there and she didn’t even scan my key card yet this morning. So she learned my name after only 2 visits. That’s just awesome customer service. You always get further when you greet people by their first name. I love that at Festival Foods. They look at the name on the receipt if you are paying with credit or ATM cards.

Such a great skill calling people by their first names… LOVE IT!

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TommyLog – 1% or 99% – What’s the Point?

17 Nov
November 17, 2011

Today I’m talking about the occupy movement and the end game. What is the point of all this noise. Certainly they are protesting for a cause, but what cause? What problem do they want to solve and what is the end game here? Kill all big business? There seems to be so many voices and so many messages, I’m finding it hard to hear the true message through all the white noise.


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My trip to the Buzz Live Studios with Maureen Wallenfang

31 Oct
October 31, 2011

I was asked to be a guest today on Buzz Live, the Appleton Post Crescents weekly retail business program.  Such a treat!!!

I was joined by host Maureen Wallenfang as we talk about how businesses can profit from social media, and answer your questions.

Watch live streaming video from postcrescentbuzzlive at livestream.com
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