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TommyLog – VOTE! With Dad and Drew

08 Nov
November 8, 2016
Hey Kids it’s Tommy, and for today’s TommyLog i’m joined by my great buddy Drew. Drew has had a fever so today he stayed home. Today we had a civics lesson. Drew got to go vote with his Dad. So on this election day Drew and I talk about the voting process and get the take of a 7 year old.
Whatever you do, wherever you are, make your vote count. Go out and vote today!

TommyLog – Building Good Sportsmanship!

03 Oct
October 3, 2016

Hey Kids it’s Dad – – and for today’s Tommy log I’m joined with my great buddy Drew. Drew is just such a ray of sunshine and I love him so very much.

We had the opportunity to go to Tommy’s cross country meet today. It was an beautiful day at Kimberly high school and amazing day for the Little Chute High School cross country  team. So awesome to watch him run and watch him excel. One of the best parts of the race was being able to cheer on the other racers. It doesn’t matter what school they go to or if we know them or not.  Each and everyone of those racers was giving it their all. We wanted to be their cheer-leading squad.

Now out of full disclosure, I think we cheered a little bit louder and longer for Tommy – – but you know how that goes.  It’s such a pleasure to watch Tommy and his element into watch him do what he loves to do.

Good sportsmanship must be a part of every sports activity. Teaching good sportsmanship is important. Making sure the kids as well as the parents show good sportsmanship is so key.


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TommyLog – Things Happen for a Reason!

22 Oct
October 22, 2015

Hey Kids it’s dad, and for today’s TommyLog I want to talk to you about how things happen for reason.

For the weekend, Drew was diagnosed with strep throat. Monday morning mom and I flipped to coin for who would stay home. I decided it would be good for me to stay home from work. A few minutes later as I was walking out to take the trash to the curb and, I noticed the smell of gas around the outside heat vent exhaust. I spent a moment and the smell went away so I didn’t think anything else about it. A few minutes later back inside I heard a strange noise coming from the heater. I immediately called the heater guy to have it checked out. I thought to myself I’ll be home all day might as will get it taken care of. A really nice guy named Eric came over to check out the heater. He found that a smart relay device was defective.

Apparently at the beginning of a heating cycle,  the heater sends out 2 bursts of gas. One small burst to begin and then a much larger burst after that first burst has been ignited. Well the regulator wasn’t working properly and there was no first burst of gas only a second much larger burst of gas. Eric stressed to me how dangerous this was and could have led to an explosion. He didn’t want to scare me but he was certainly firm on the fact that this was a bad bad situation.

So let’s think for a second if Drew had not gotten strep throat, I would not have stayed home, and could not have had the heater guy come over to take care of the problem. This could’ve been tragic.

Things happen for a reason. The good Lord was watching over the Clifford family for sure!

TommyLog – Sick Day with Drew

17 Sep
September 17, 2015

Monday I was home with a sick Drew. Fevers stink! Being sick is no fun, but we sure tried to make it a little fun. Here’s a video we did together.

Q & A With Drew Man

26 Aug
August 26, 2015

Hey Kids, for today’s TommyLog, Drew and I talk about our BIG CLIFFORD ADVENTURE we had on Saturday and answer some viewer emails that have been piling up for Drew.

1- Did you do something nice of kind on our adventure yesterday?
2- What is your favorite Nintendo Wii-U game?
3 – What is your favorite website?
4- What games do you like to play with Emma?

We love Drew and I’m grateful he joined me in the Tommylog studio’s!

You rock Drew!