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11 Feb
February 11, 2017

Hey Kids it’s dad, and for today’s Tommy log I want to talk to you about a movie I just saw. The movie is called The Founder. About Ray Kroc and the story of McDonald’s and how he worked with the McDonald brothers to build the McDonald’s empire. Ray Kroc was a very shrewd businessman. He knew what he wanted. He let nothing get in his way.

A couple positive things I learned from the movie were about determination, persistence and teamwork. If you’re determined you can get anywhere. If you’re persistent and keep at it you’ll get anywhere. But let’s not forget the people that are around you and working as a team — there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

When you think about McDonald’s and you think about Ray Kroc’s rise to fame – – all three of those elements come to play. One of my favorite motto it is “gentle pressure relentlessly applied” I learned that from a leader back in my Banta days.

If we apply these three things in your daily life, determination, persistence, and teamwork – – life will be so much better and will get what we want.

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