I’m on the Cover of Fox Cities Magazine!!! #FCM

08 Jun
June 8, 2011

I’m stunned. I have no idea what to say. Today I received the June/July issue of the Fox Cities Magazine… BIG FAN! And what do I see. I’M ON THE COVER!!


I’m like famous! My arm and part of my head actually made the cover. So many extras were cut out entirely, sad for them ☺, but clearly the photographer and staff saw my talent as an extra and included me in the final cover. How awesome is that. Do I need to change careers here? I need help understanding the magnitude of this opportunity. I guess I was just way over the top talented so they could only include my arm… but that’s ok.

Thank you David E Jackson Studios @davidejackson and Alison Fiebig @afiebig for including me in on this 100% over-the-top fun project.


Go see for yourself — http://www.foxcitiesmagazine.com


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  1. Alison Fiebig says:

    Tommy: You’re my favorite citizen celebrity!


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