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03 Aug
August 3, 2017

Hey, Kids, It’s Tommy and for today’s TommyLog Tech I want to introduce you to a new tool I have been using for some time, MrOwl.

What is MrOwl you might ask? MrOwl is your FREE 3 dimensional home for all your interests. Searching and saving your digital finds; links, documents & photos.

One thing though, MrOwl is NOT like other websites you may have used before!

MrOwl calls groups of links files and photos, Branches. You can search from the IOS app or Table and discover new interests that make you happy.

Let’s say you are searching for johnny Depp. You find a Johnny Depp branch. I can grab the branch, heart or like it and then you can share it with your other social networks. You can drill down deeper to see what characters he has played in different movies.

MrOwl allows your valued information to be easily curated, cultivated and shared by fellow MrOwl users.

Here’s another use case example. You are your girlfriends are planning a trip to Vegas, you each can collaborate together on MrOwl with a private branch. You invite your friends to the “Las Vegas” branch then you all start planning your trip together. You can share your google spreadsheet for your agenda, links to the shows you want to see and even have a sub branch for hotel information.

Unlike major social media properties, MrOwl isn’t connected to a linear timeline, so the content stays fresh, regardless of when it was added.

Ever have this happen to you? You are searching for the St. Louis Cardinals “baseball” team. But instead, you get search items for the OLD St. Louis Cardinal Football team, or the St. Louis Arch or even the Arizona Cardinals football team… hate that! Not with MrOwl. All of the information in MrOwl is curated by real humans so you know only the best information is provided. Now that you have drilled down to the St. Louis Cardinals branch, you can search for all-star Cardinal Ozzie Smith. You can search this branch, other branches or the community branch for Ozzy references.

MrOwl is an amazing tool and one you will find indispensable. Searching and discovering with MrOwl can be fun.

MrOwl is 100% Tommy Approved. I really love it and use it to organize and keep track of topics in interested in.

Download the IOS & Android app using the link below and make sure to SIGN UP FREE.

This video was produced as part of a collaboration with MrOwl. My opinions are my own.



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