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08 Nov
November 8, 2016

Hey Kids it’s Tommy, and for today’s TommyLog TECH I want to talk to you about the big switch in the Clifford household. For many years the Clifford’s was on a family plan with another carrier. My relationship with Verizon sure opened up my eyes to what I was missing.

I was always leery and fearful of moving carriers. The thought of having downtime or added charges always scared me. Verizon helped put my mind at ease.

I have always had a single personal line with Verizon, but needed my family to join us. I had lease agreements with my previous carrier so I thought the whole process of moving and buying back phones -the whole thing would just be a big, big nightmare. Verizon made it easy!

I even called Verizon a few days before the switch to make sure I did my homework properly and they took the best care of me. They even offered to call me on the day the new iPhone came out as that’s when I wanted to make the switch. The new iPhone 7 is what I wanted and that’s with the Clifford family got. As soon as my new phones arrived, we turn them on in our phone numbers were immediately ported over to the Verizon network. No issues! No hiccups! No Pain! Then I took my old phones to Verizon filled out some paperwork and they accepted them for a $650 each credit towards my bill. Nobody can complain about that. It was just so easy!

Not only did I move to a better network, but I got more data and I’m saving about $70 a month by merging my personal with my family plans. I am so happy I made the switch.

Switching to Verizon is 100% Tommy approved!

Thank you for watching and thank you for all your likes and comments and shares. They are greatly appreciated.

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[DISCLAIMER — I’m one of the cool kids who has been asked to play with and test technology for Verizon. They asked me to test and share my thoughts. All my words are original and my own.]


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  1. dana vento says:

    I too am enjoying VerizonLTEa the service is lightening fast and reliable. Testing, learning and adapting is all part of it.. You are right on with all of your points. Great article


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