TommyLog – Struggles Make You Stronger

21 Jun
June 21, 2017

Hey Kids, it’s Dad. Boy has it been a whirlwind few weeks. Grandma and grandpa coming to town, graduations, summer school starting, meeting new cousins, Drew’s baptism! Man we sure have been busy. But I’ve also been slacking on my TommyLog duties. I love doing these videos and for some reason I just haven’t had it… But now I’ve got it. I’m here!!


The Clifford family is full of struggles. We all struggle. Madeline, Clara, Tommy, Emma, Drew, mom and dad. We each have our own personal, financial, work and relationship struggles. Absolutely nobody is immune to struggles.

We all have confrontation also. I don’t like confrontation and unless I have facts and data. I always like to write out my thoughts. Helps me organize and be fair to both sides of the equation. Sometimes it takes days weeks and maybe even months of thinking and writing and rewriting to get my thoughts out straight. I was talking with a good friend this morning regarding confrontation. Few people like confrontation. I’m not good at it. But I’m trying to get better. I’m trying not to make it about me. If I make it about growing stronger together, things seem to work out better.

But remember, our struggles make us stronger!


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