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28 Jun
June 28, 2017

Hey Kids it’s dad, and today I did something a little bit different. Today I went and donated blood. It is been a long long time since I donated blood. I honestly didn’t even want to do it. But their phone calls convince me that I needed to give blood. I had a bad experience many years ago, my own fault. I did some strenuous work after donating blood, and I got sick. I own that.

But I did it. I donated blood. The people there could not be nicer. The most simple process. Show your ID, answer some questions, get your finger prick and blood pressure checked. Donate blood! Then you get punch and cookies. What a deal.

It wasn’t till I was walking away that it really hit me. I just did something for somebody, that they couldn’t do for themselves. People who donate blood give of themselves. It’s a totally selfless act of service.

Made me think of other service. Opportunities where I crab and kick and scream before hand, but then I’m so thankful that I went and did it.

Thank you to the community blood Center and for all the volunteers and hard workers.

I’ll be back!

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