CherryOS release postponed

26 Nov
November 26, 2004

The brain surgeons at Cherry OS have postponed the release of their software that is supposed to allow Mac users the ability to boot OS X on a Windows machine. We know that PEARPC is doing this…but where in the world did these Hawaiian developers come from. The internet is littered with editorials from people saying that this is just a scam….what do you think?
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Declaration of Independence Banned At School

24 Nov
November 24, 2004

In California, of course…

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A California teacher has been barred by his school from giving students documents from American history that refer to God — including the Declaration of Independence.

a fifth-grade teacher at Stevens Creek School in the San Francisco Bay area suburb of Cupertino, sued for discrimination on Monday, claiming he had been singled out for censorship by principal Patricia Vidmar because he is a Christian.

Williams asserts in the lawsuit that since May he has been required to submit all of his lesson plans and supplemental handouts to Vidmar for approval, and that the principal will not permit him to use any that contain references to God or Christianity.

Among the materials she has rejected, according to Williams, are excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, George Washington’s journal, John Adams’ diary, Samuel Adams’ “The Rights of the Colonists” and William Penn’s “The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania.”

“He hands out a lot of material and perhaps 5 to 10 percent refers to God and Christianity because that’s what the founders wrote,” said Thompson, a lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund, which advocates for religious freedom. “The principal seems to be systematically censoring material that refers to Christianity and it is pure discrimination.”Now that they’ve banned all the holidays, they’re on to the history books…

Update: Not to defend the principal, but it would be interesting to see the context in which the information is being presented.

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More Exploding Cellphones In The News

24 Nov
November 24, 2004

adityapandey writes “It’s happened again. Yahoo News has another story on exploding cellphones. Most of these mishaps are blamed on counterfeit batteries and chargers. Recently, Kyocera recalled about 40,000 cellphones for free replacement, because of batteries overheating and venting superheated gases. Yet, cellphone makers claim that such incidents are too rare to care about. Shouldn’t cellphone companies be making people aware of the hazards of usage?”

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The VHS is Dead

24 Nov
November 24, 2004

Ronnie Coote writes “The UK’s largest retailer of electronics is phasing out VHS VCRs. Sales of DVD players have outstripped VCRs by 40-to-1 recently. So how long until the mass market will be saying goodbye to the DVD player?” A few historical links to commemorate the occasion: Sony Kills Betamax, Why VHS Was Better, and How to Preserve VHS Recordings. For the future, maybe we’ll have Digital VHS, but I suspect it will mostly be hard drive-based recorders.

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Default Password List and Google Hack

23 Nov
November 23, 2004

Thanks to PHENOELIT “The Land of Packets” there is a central repository of all the default passwords used by the manufacturers of hardware and software called the Default Password List and it’s located HERE. This list is regularly updated. Disclamer!!!…

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