TiVo’s latest battle: protecting its name

15 Dec
December 15, 2004

Tivonot be used as a verb. According to The New York
Times, news organizations are now getting warning letters from the company if they run articles with sentences like
“don’t forget to TiVo ‘The Real Gilligan’s Island’” (well, okay, no one’s likely to use that particular
sentence, but you get the idea). While we understand TiVo’s fears of ending up as a generic term for DVR usage, we
think it’s a good thing if a company’s product has so captured the public’s imagination that it becomes a verb. And
there are companies that agree. Apple, for example, has actively encouraged the use of iPod as a verb, as in
iPod your BMW.” However, if TiVo — which has taken flak
for its new advertising plans, and is losing market share
to cable companies — is that concerned about maintaining brand integrity, who are we to argue? From now on when we
record something on our DVR, we’ll just say we’re “ReplayTVing it.”  Or maybe not.

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Review of the Tissot-T tactile watch

13 Dec
December 13, 2004


We like our watches to do a little more than just tell time, and the Tissot-T does so in a novel way, according to
Watch Report, which has a review. No, it’s not another USB flash drive watch (we’ve had enough of those already) and it
doesn’t connect to MSN Direct (ditto). In fact, it looks pretty much like a garden-variety diving watch. What’s
missing, though, are the three or four buttons that are usually arrayed in annoying places around the face. Instead,
this watch has just one button, which activates a touch-sensitive crystal. Touch one spot and you get a compass; touch
another it’s a thermometer. Touch another and a USB cable pops out…no, not really (and let’s not give them any

Read the whole review right here.

Originally posted by Marc Perton from Engadget

Sprint selling Treo 650 and Treo 600 for exactly the same price

13 Dec
December 13, 2004

Treo 650 Treo 600You know how everyone was psyched when the
Treo 650
came out because it meant that the price for the Treo 600 would have to drop? Someone might let Sprint know that that
was how it was supposed to work out, because they have both Palm-powered smartphones listed on their website for
exactly the same price. You can buy the Treo 600 for $419.99 after $150 in “instant savings” and a $30 “web
special” rebate, or you can buy the Treo 650 for $419.99 after $150 in “instant savings” and a $30 “web special”
rebate. So tough.

[Via SprintPCSInfo]

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Google Suggest

10 Dec
December 10, 2004

Cristiano writes “As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. This is similar to Google’s ‘Did you mean?’ feature that offers alternative spellings for your query after you search, except that it works in real time.” It crashes Konqueror, but works nicely on Mozilla.

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Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1″ Widescreen LCD for $594 shipped

10 Dec
December 10, 2004

Dell Home offers the Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1-inch Widescreen LCD monitor for $639.20. Apply coupon code "F0?B55R$96JMFP" and the price…(more)
Dell 20

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