TommyLog – Stir the Pot

03 May
May 3, 2017

Hey Kids it’s Dad, in for today’s TommyLog I want to talk about “stirring the pot”. I have a good friend who told a story about the president of Paramount Studios. Paramount Studios wasn’t doing so well in the late 70s early 80s. The president knew he had to do something. So what he did was he got out his Rolodex and started calling people and asking “what can I do for you”. After a many months of calling projects started falling in place. Movies like Footloose, Pretty in Pink, Beverly Hills Cop, fell into his lap. Paramount Studios was no longer near the bottom of the pile.

Kids we need to tell people that they’re important. We need to spend time listening to the needs of others. As soon as we put others first, they will put us first and Stir the Pot!

Tommylog TECH – Welcome Google Home! #Verizon #VZWUnlimited

23 Apr
April 23, 2017

Hey Kids it’s Tommy and today I have something awesome to share, Brand New Tech!! And you all know how excited I get my hands on something new! So for today’s Tommylog TECH, let me introduce you to the Google Home smart assistant. Lets see what’s in the box!

Stay tuned for more TommyLog TECH videos where I checkout the features of the Google Home and see if it is indeed Tommy Approved!

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TommyLog – Be More Like Mr Whitney

12 Apr
April 12, 2017

Hey Kids it’s dad, and for today’s TommyLog I want to talk to you about a influential teacher in my life. Mr. Richard Whitney was my music teacher while I was at Barker Road Junior High school. From grade 7 through nine I took music class chorus and was actually a member of the AV club where he was the advisor.

Mr. Whitney was a tech head, free spirit and loved rock ‘n’ roll music. I was in at least two plays were Mr. Whitney let the music, bye-bye Birdie and Oklahoma.

Mr. Whitney never wore socks. That was his trademark. Even to concerts he would be dressed up in a tux, he would have no socks on. Just awesome!!

One of my most memorable experiences with Mr. Whitney was the week the newest Rush album came out. Signals was the title and we spent an entire class dissecting the album song by song. Back in that day we were listening to the album on vinyl. He would stop songs mid song and we go through the lyrics so that we understood what was trying to be said.

I know for hundred percent certainty that my love of music and The rock bands Yes and Rush came from Mr. Whitney.

Thank you for sharing your life and your talents with me.

Kids, we really need to be a lot more like Mr. Whitney!!

TommyLog – Cousins Caught in the Middle

31 Mar
March 31, 2017

Hey Kids it’s dad, and for today’s TommyLog I want to talk to you about growing up and interesting Clifford family dynamics. When I grow up I didn’t spend a lot of time with my cousins. Sure we would see them at Christmas time and it birthdays, but we really never saw each other. Seeing each other at big events doesn’t really count. There was a parental dynamic involved that kept all of us from really hanging out in knowing each other as deeply as we should have. Not until the advent of Facebook have we been able to come together and be a part of each other’s lives. But just think about how much we missed!

Being a part of an extended family unit is so important. The Clifford family name ties us together. Being able to see each other in social media helps so much, but there’s a huge piece missing. We need to get together for a reunion. I need to make sure that happens.

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter most!

TommyLog – The Quieter You Become, the More You Can Hear

29 Mar
March 29, 2017

Hey Kids it’s Dad and for today’s TommyLog I want to talk to you about a quote that cousin Amanda wrote on her Facebook page. The quote is this “the quieter you become the more you can hear”. I love this and this really speaks volumes.

Kids we need to be better listeners. We need to listen to other people’s opinions. We need to listen to others needs. We are constantly selling to each other. But we cannot sell if were talking over other people. I promise you the more you listen, the more you will know, and the more you understand. Thank you Amanda for your words of wisdom!! We all need to be quieter and listen more!