27 Aug
August 27, 2016

Hey kids it’s Dad and exactly one week ago I got laid off. Hard to believe it’s been 7 whole days since the big lay off…. and for the most part I have been pretty positive about the whole adventure.

I have learned many things this week, but keeping positive has to be one of the things that resonates the most!

TommyLog – It’s All About Your Network

23 Aug
August 23, 2016

Hey kids it’s Dad and today is Unemployment day #1, I’m with my good friend Dawn and we want to talk about networks and the strength of a network.

One thing that I know is true, the #teamtommy network is in full effect, but not everyone has that strength and Dawn helps people with the skills needed to build their network.

TommyLog – I’ve been laid off! FREE AGENT TOMMY

22 Aug
August 22, 2016

Hey kids – Hey Everyone – It’s Tommy and for today’s TommyLog,  I need to tell you something that’s not easy to share. Last week I was laid off at work. It was a low work situation and I was sacrificed for the good of the other workers. I understand it’s a business decision and I have to move on. I have utmost respect for that decision and I will miss my coworkers dearly. They were my work family and I really enjoyed each and everyone of them.

So today the new Tommy comes out– the new and improved Tommy!

I want to introduce TRC Media which is going to be my new company. I don’t know completely what it is, I’m still framing what it looks like. But I need to take my skills and I need to start solving problems for other people. I want to start immediately. As my buddy from Tommy Boy said “I got nothing but free time.”

So I’m reaching out to my network near and far. You of all watched my videos, many of you know of the social media influencing work that I do for some pretty big companies. Do you need help what you’re doing? How can I help you? Social Media,  Print,  Video,  Web –whatever it happens to be,  I can help.

I can connect you to the right people if needs be – let’s make this happen. Let’s start solving problems. No time to be down, no time to be depressed, only great things ahead. My network is just so amazing and it’s time for me to lean on you!

You know how to get a hold of me –all my channels are open -my ears are on. No project is too small– let’s talk, let’s meet, let’s Skype -let’s Facebook!

Let’s make this happen. You are awesome!!!

TommyLog TECH – Moto Z Force DROID from Motorola & Mods – Unboxing! #VZWBuzz #AD

15 Aug
August 15, 2016

Hey Kids it’s Tommy and today feels like Verizon Christmas in the Tommylog Studios! You know how much I just LOVE new tech and today I’m on overload here! So for today’s Tommylog TECH, let me show you the brand new Moto Z Force DROID from Motorola – along with something they call Mods. Mods are add-on backs to the phone to give it extra features like added battery-life and wireless charging, portable speaker and even a portable LED projector. Can you believe that – a projector in the palm of your hand? I’m in heaven!

Stay tuned for more TommyLog TECH videos where I explore all the new features of the Moto Z Force and see if it is indeed Tommy Approved!
THANK YOU to my good friends at Verizon. If you want your very own Moto Z Force DROID or any of the mods I unboxed today – step right up. https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/moto-z-force-droid/?CMP=SOC-C-HQ-NON-R-AW-NONE-VZWBUZZ-2S0MG0-MG-U-TWT-RE-UN-NONE /

[DISCLAIMER — I’m one of the cool kids who has been asked to play with and test technology for Verizon. They asked me to test and share my thoughts. All my words are original and my own.]

TommyLog – Keep Bettering Yourself!

11 Aug
August 11, 2016

Hey kids it’s dad and for today’s TommyLog I want to talk about core values and bettering yourself. There are some great things happening in the Clifford family from Madeline with her new job to Clara and her acceptance to college, Tommy and his cross country training, Emma passing her swimming test -all the way to Drew and following Usain Bolt during the Olympics.

We all need to keep bettering ourselves and never stop learning!